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PRINGLE MEGA-VAC, The Air Duct Cleaning Specialists

Some companies do in-home estimates, which is nothing but a sales pitch. Most of the time the cost of that person coming to your house is figured into the total cost of the job.

Here at Pringle Mega-Vac, we guarantee you will get a written estimate. I commit for it to be cheaper than any company who offers in-home estimates.

We will never raise the price after we get to your home. EVER! You have my word on it!

As the best air duct cleaners, we get asked the following question very often: How are you able to clean the air duct much cheaper than other companies? The answer is simple: There are many reasons we are cheaper!

Our equipment is far more efficient and effective than theirs, therefore, it becomes easier for our technicians to accomplish any task.

We have trained many of the largest air duct cleaning companies in this industry!

For the reason that it doesn’t take long for us to clean your air duct, there are fewer man hours to pay for.

We do it right the first time. When another company gets called back because the homeowner found the ductwork wasn’t sufficiently clear that cost is figured into the cost of every job they do.

We are the manufacturers of our equipment which helps us keep costs down for your convenience.

If you were looking for a reliable and affordable high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial air duct cleaning services, your search stops here. Pringle Mega-Vac is your best choice for a fresh and clean environment through clean air circulation systems. Contact Us Now! (419) 256-7763 or Fill out the following form to get a free quote.

We are Serving:

Counties: Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Defiance, Henry, Williams, Fulton, Paulding, Putnam, and Van Wert.

Cities: Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Defiance, Napoleon, Bryan, Wauseon, Paulding, Van Wert, and more.

Because your family deserves a healthy home!
Free Sanitation Included with Purchase of Whole House Air Duct Cleaning
Nobody Beats Our Prices Nobody!!!

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