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Our family has been leading the indoor air quality industry for over 65 years manufacturing air duct cleaning equipment and cleaning air ducts all over Northwest Ohio.

We, at Pringle Mega-Vac, one of the Leading Indoor Air Quality Providers in the Industry, Offer the Highest Quality of Residential, Commercial and Industrial air duct cleaning services in Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Bryan, Defiance and many more cities and counties in Ohio.

With over 65 years of experience, we pride ourselves with the quality and cost-effectiveness of air duct cleaning services that we provide to our customers. We do this by using high-quality, more efficient and effective air duct cleaning equipment. We are also the manufacturer of our own equipment, which makes our service packages more affordable.

Furthermore, we also have experienced technicians that are dedicated to provide the highest customer service. They meticulously work on every project to get the job right the first time and further limit your cost. It also doesn’t take us long to deliver the job, which means there are less man hours for you to pay.

Unlike other companies, we provide a guaranteed written estimate. We stick to our estimate and we never raise the price after our home inspection.

Let Us Help You Breathe Easier!
Free Sanitation Included with Purchase of Whole House Air Duct Cleaning
Nobody Beats Our Prices Nobody!!!

" How are you able to clean ductwork so much cheaper than the other companies we called? "

This is a question I get asked all the time. The answer is simple. Our equipment is far more efficient and effective than theirs. There are many reasons we are cheaper:

Our technicians have an easier time and are not going to be looking for ways to cut corners and say it’s good enough. We have actually trained many of the largest duct cleaning companies in this industry!
When it doesn’t take as long for us to clean your ductwork there are less man hours to pay for.
We do it right the first time. When another company gets called back because the homeowner found the ductwork wasn’t sufficiently clean that cost is figured into the cost of every job they do.
We are the manufacturers of our equipment which helps us keep costs down.
Some companies do in home estimates. This is nothing but a sales pitch and the cost of that person coming to your house is figured into the cost of the job. We will give you a gauranteed written estimate. I guarantee you we will be cheaper than any company who offers an in home estimate. We will never raise the price after we get to your home. EVER! You have my word on it!

So if you are looking for affordable and high quality residential, commercial and industrial air duct cleaning services. Contact Us Now! (419) 256-7763 or Fill out the following form to get a free quote.

We are Serving:

Counties: Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Defiance, Henry, Williams, Fulton, Paulding, Putnam, and Van Wert.

Cities: Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Defiance, Napoleon, Bryan, Wauseon, Paulding, Van Wert, and more.


Duct Cleaning Equipment

We use only the best most efficient ductwork cleaning equipment period. Not only do we use the best equipment we are also the manufacturers of our truck mounted equipment.

Trustworthy Caring Staff

​We´re a family owned business starting with my great grandfather. Between me my father and my son one of our family will be on the job to make sure you´re satisfied.


Over 45 years of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial duct cleaning experience.


Nobody beats our prices! Others may say they do but that is only until they get to your house and they tell you the real price.

Let Us Help You Breathe Easier!
Get In Touch with us for a Quote of Our Services!

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