Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process consists of 8 meticulous steps to deliver the best job to our customers

Step 1. We attach our 10 inch vacuum hose to your duct work

Step 2. Remove all necessary registers

step 3. Start our vacuum truck producing over 12,000 cfm vacuum

step 4. blast clean all vents and ducts with 200 pounds of pressure

step 5. whip clean all trunk lines with predator whip system

step 6. clean blower housing and all plenums with predator whip

step 7. sanitize all duct work with chemical sanitizer (optional)

step 8. professionally plug and patch all holes in duct system



This video is of ductwork in Defiance, OH.  The dust in this commercial duct was restricting the air to the room.  After cleaning this duct the air flow had to be adjusted in that room because of the increase in air flow to the room and the nature of what the room was used for.

This is a video of a house in Findlay Ohio.  The couple who hired us had just purchased this house from a couple with several cats.  What you are seeing here is a mixture of dust and cat hair.  I could not believe how much cat hair I found in this duct work.  Isn't it awesome how this ductwork went from completely covered with debris to looking like brand new.  

This video is of a typical house in Bowling Green, OH.  By the end of this video you will see that the duct work looks like new again.  

The video to the left shows me cleaning ductwork with our wip system Lima Ohio.  With 200 pounds of constant pressure it makes quick work of cleaning even the dirtiest ductwork.  As you can see here there are little white stripes left on the duct which are a result of dust holding moisture and oxidizing or rusting your ductwork.  Rust or oxidation is not your biggest worry.  Mold and bacteria is a much bigger problem. Fortunately for this customer oxidation was the only result.  This is one reason we recommend you clean your ductwork every 3 to 5 years. 

Part of our duty is to make our clients understand this process. We educate you with all the important things that you need to know and we make sure that you get to see our finished work. By knowing this process, clients will understand why choosing us is the right decision.


So if you want a transparent, quality and affordable industrial, residential and commercial air duct cleaning service in Ohio including Van Wert, Ottawa, Paulding, Napoleon, Wauseon, and many more areas, contact us today! We are happy to assist you!

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