Duct cleaning Equipment should be the contributing factor in determining who you should hire.

Not all duct cleaning equipment is created equal.  There are truck mount power vacuum trucks, gas portables, electric portables, and unfortunately the rotobrush.  Let’s investigate each of these.  Gas portables are the best of portable duct cleaning equipment with just over 5,000 cfm’s of suction.  Electric portables provide anywhere between 2,500 and 4,500 cfm’s.  The rotobrush doesn’t even post cfm on their website or at least I can’t find it.  The truck mounted power vacuum trucks we have been manufacturing right here in northwest Ohio for 45 years produce 12,000 cfm’s.  So, as you can see there is no comparison.  This is why we get between 80 and 100 thousand dollars for our trucks.  The average portable only costs between $2500 and $5000 dollars.  This is one reason I say that duct cleaning equipment should be the contrubuting factor in determining who you should hire.  Any company who has spent the kind of money on equipment that we have is most likely not a scammer.  These portable companies often charge as much as we do or more.  Truth is many of these companies don’t deserve anything for their service.  The ones that do do a decent job usually charge more than we do since it is very difficult and time consuming for them because of the inadequacy of their equipment.   In some cases these companies have been forced to pay their customers back for what was truly a duct cleaning scam.  Read more here.