Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial settings serviced:
Office, Health Care, Retail, Restaurant, Schools, Clubs, Apartment Complex, Etc…

Air Duct Cleaning Services include:
Routine maintenance cleaning, Dryer vent cleaning, Disaster cleanup (flood and fire), odor removal, Etc…

Do you want to make your business a healthier, more productive workplace. A healthy business starts with the quality of air your employees and customers breathe. If your workplace furnace, air conditioning system and vents aren’t clear, you’ll pay the price with more employee sick time, fewer customers and costly OSHA fines. We can help. Since 1969, Pringle Mega-Vac of OH has eradicated mold and dust for more than businesses and commercial buildings. Our vacuum trucks are fully-equipped with a over 12,000 CFM of suction to handle all air quality issues including highly flammable explosive dust. Give us a call and we’ll clear the air for your business.