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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Are there any portable vacuum machines worth using?

The truth is yes, but in limited circumstances.  If there is no possible way to gain access with a truck then yes.  We actually have two portable vacuum units.  The one vacuum unit is for high rise buildings and runs on three phase power which nobody has in their home.  This portable is however about the size of a small truck.  The other is a gas powered portable that we use inside factories where we cannot get our truck to.  We have never considered using either of these machines on a residence.  We rarely use them in commercial or industrial settings.  The people who are using portables or truck mounted portables are not using these types of machines.  The portables they are using typically get about 2,500 to 4,500 cfm.  Comparatively speaking our trucks get over 12,000 cfm’s.  It’s simple, our trucks cost $90,000 compared to less than $5,000 for the average portable.  Our trucks require up keep and there’s don’t.  The biggest and best duct cleaning companies in the country use our trucks or trucks from other truck manufacturers.


Duct Cleaning Vacuums – Do Portable Systems Suck?